College Lecture



Our specialised home and online tutors can support your son/ daughter with university. After completing A-Levels, students can choose to apply to go into university where they can choose to study a certain subject to a degree level. After completing their degree, students can go into the world of work with higher tier professional jobs like accounting, law, teaching, engineers, doctors and pursue their careers.

Before the commencement of your lessons, our tutors offer you  a free trial session where you have an opportunity to decide if you want to carry on taking lessons with a particular tutor. In addition after every lesson, your child will receive homework from their tutor.

Our Client Care Manager Rasheeda is there to guide and support you in finding a tutor which matches your needs.



University usually consists of 3-4 years of study; the first year of study is usually to prepare for the second year which is graded & in the 3rd year, a dissertation otherwise known as a research project is completed.




This is undertaken after the 3 years of study at university so that students can go into a further specialised area after completing their degree. For example, in a degree like Sports Sciences and Coaching Studies, a module could be chosen and specialised to study at a post graduate level like Strength and Conditioning. Typically, many higher level professional jobs like becoming a doctor require many further years of study before a student can practice as a porfessional.