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Hello, my name is Shamaila..

Join me for an online session..
(face-to-face lessons available post initial session)

Step 1: Tell me about yourself!

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BSc (Hons) in Chemistry
NVQ Level 3 in Teaching
Shamaila  Malik

I have been working as teaching assistant and cover supervisor from the last 7 years. my recent job is as permanent member in a secondary school. I am doing PGCE from Brunel University London.
I am a member of The Royal Society of Chemistry. I attend their webinars' and other events organized by them. This has helped me to add to my subject knowledge and is also very useful for finding resources in the field of chemistry.

My journey in the field of pedagogy and higher education started several years ago. To date, I have done my NVQ level 2 and NVQ level 3 in teaching. Having completed this course, I then started work as a teaching assistant through a specialist education agency, whilst at the same time continuing my studies in the field of chemistry with The Open University.The journey through the 11+ exams is a critical juncture in a young student life. These exams serve as a gateway to prestigious educational institutions,setting the tone for their future academic endeavors. Behind every successful 11+ student, there is  an even more successful teacher who has played a pivotal
role in shaping their growth. I am holding these key features when I help my students for 11+.

During my lessons as tutor, I ‘have been able to introduce the music, competitions, real life examples, classic games, riddles and much more to bring my students in towards science in order to create a love for learning!

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