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Hello, my name is Pooja..

Join me for an online session..
(face-to-face lessons available post initial session)

Step 1: Tell me about yourself!

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Experienced Tutor-Pooja

I have found tutoring to be one of my best strengths. I am able to best cater to my student's needs, goals, and levels and work out a plan to help them reach their goals and beyond. I teach with patience and do not move on till my students understand what I am teaching. I am able to have a good holistic overview of the topics I teach and equip my students with the best tips to help make the subject easier. I am a quick learner and understand the steps to learning that one must take to learn efficiently. Communication and understanding are my strengths, hence why my students are able to grasp the concepts of topics well. I follow a step-by-step process and teach with patience, taking in the request of parents and the needs of the student. I am currently a Year 14 student and will be studying Business Management at Royal Holloway, University of London. Aside from academics, my interests widely range from music, dance, sports, and reading. When I find interest in something, I try to learn and teach myself as I have with dance and the Korean language. I have high expectations for myself and encourage my students to do the same for themselves. I am also told to have a very easygoing personality so I have a great rapport with my students and they find me easy to communicate with and ask me questions.

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