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Hello, my name is Pooja..

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(face-to-face lessons available post initial session)

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Experienced Tutor-Pooja

I have found tutoring to be one of my greatest strengths, allowing me to effectively cater to my students' needs, goals, and levels. I develop tailored plans to help them reach and surpass their goals, teaching with patience and ensuring they fully understand each concept before moving on. With a holistic overview of the subjects I teach, I equip students with the best tips to make learning easier. As a quick learner, I understand efficient learning steps and emphasize communication and understanding, which helps my students grasp concepts well. I follow a step-by-step process and incorporate the requests of parents and the needs of the student. Currently, I am a Year 14 student and will be studying Business Management at Royal Holloway, University of London. My interests range from music, dance, and sports to reading, and I am self-taught in dance and the Korean language. I set high expectations for myself and encourage my students to do the same, fostering a great rapport with them due to my easygoing personality and approachability.

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