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Hello, my name is Meher..

Join me for an online session..
(face-to-face lessons available post initial session)

Step 1: Tell me about yourself!


Experienced Tutor - Meher!

I am an enthusiastic and confident young person, with strengths varying from academics (as I got 10 grade 9s in GCSEs), to sports (having played cricket for several years), and to dramatics (currently grade 6 in LAMDA).


Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to interact with parents, comprehending their expectations and concerns about their children, and passing on feedback to support the learning and development of their children at home.My experience ranges from one-to-one interaction with a child in their home setup, to working with a group of children in a formal, after-school homework club environment. I am very proud of giving my 100% to all these duties.I teach primarily maths as those topics aren't taught in school.I give NVR,VR and English work for homework,and then go through in next lessons.I go to a grammar school and know the process well,as i was in the same situation a few years ago,so can relate to the students likes/dislikes,opinions etc.

Once the student is comfortable, I believe in splitting each learning session into parts that are deemed challenging and weak, as well as parts that the student is confident in, as constantly working on their weaknesses could lower the child’s self confidence and esteem, and deter them from studying.

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