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Hello, my name is Albert..

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(face-to-face lessons available post initial session)

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Qualified Teacher - Albert!

As a professionally qualified mechanical and electrical engineer in the U.K., my passion for teaching has enabled me to assist students with their current educational needs and support their future academic endeavors. I have transitioned from engineering to teaching maths and science, finding it highly rewarding to help school students, graduates, and junior engineers achieve their goals. My experience as a Senior Design Engineer gives me a deep understanding of GCSE and A-Level Maths and Science, and I promise that any Year 9 to A-Level student under my tutelage will achieve higher grades in their final exams. My extensive teaching style helps students grasp difficult topics that they may not understand in school. One tutee's feedback highlights this: "He helps students not only learn the content but also become comfortable with it. Tuition helped me achieve the highest possible grades in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry at GCSE."

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