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Hello, my name is Aiyna..

Join me for an online session..

Step 1: Tell me about yourself!

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Experienced Tutor-Aiyna!

 Hi!I am Aiyna. My passion for teaching combined with dedication and knowledge will inspire and empower students to reach their full potential. I have helped many kids in private with difficult tasks and assignments to be done. As a mentor, I have worked with students test quiz. I relate my studies with games and quiz at the end of lesson I shared one quiz link with my students to get to know what they learnt from todays lesson where are they lacking. I try making informative animated videos so student give more of his time towards studies. I try teaching online with white board system and share worksheets in a week so student is up to date with studies so I am also aware of which topic he/she is lacking. I have helped many students achieve A grade from B and C.
"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

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