Step 2: Set up Direct Debit


Upon discussion with the Operations Manager regarding payments, you may choose for your payments to be debited on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Listed below are weekly prices multiplied by 2 weeks to calculate fortnightly payments and also, weekly prices multiplied by 4 weeks to calculate monthly payments. The respective fortnightly and monthly Direct Debit options are shown on the right of each payment. Your first payment is debited in 5 business days. Payments are dependant on subjects/ levels taught and number of lessons held over each week. Direct Debits can be cancelled anytime.

Weekly Price

 (current weekly prices paid by existing customers)

Fortnightly Payment Option (please click the star to see price)

Monthly Payment Option (please click the star to see price)


£25 per week

£30 per week

£40 per week

£50 per week

£75 per week