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What is the 11+?

The 11+ is an examination that is given to primary school pupils aged 11 that determines their entry into a state grammar or private, selective school for secondary education.

The 11+ has 2 versions:

  • CEM:

This method of examination was developed at university of Durham and is commonly taught in Berkshire; Bexley; Birmingham; Gloucestershire; Shropshire; Walsall; Warwickshire; Wolverhampton. This examination assesses verbal reasoning; non-verbal reasoning; and numerical reasoning.

  • GL:

Previously known as NFER, the GL assessment has administered 11+ examinations in most UK grammar schools for a very long time. It is widely taught in Devon; Essex; Hertfordshire; Trafford; Wiltshire; Wirral; and Yorkshire

The CEM exams are considerably difficult as compared to the GL assessment – for this reason, it is imperative your child has the right tutor for their preparation. Some key skills students sitting the CEM exam must have are:

  • Time management skills

  • Rich and deep vocabulary bank

  • Good exam technique

Here at Tutors4Berkshire, we prepare our students for the CEM assessments, as all Slough grammar schools administer the CEM. Our dedicated and highly qualified tutors are experienced in preparing KS2 pupils for this stream of assessments.

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