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How To Stay Study Motivated:

Do you ever just find yourself extremely lazy and purposeless because you lack the desire to work on your studies? Is it that you simply can’t find the motivation to do well all of a student? Well, it is safe to say that nearly all students feel this way at some point of their academic life. In this article I will be explaining how you can say motivated to work!

Be optimistic

Optimism is when you are positive about the future and what it holds for you. This does not mean you must know what exactly you would like to become in the future – it is simply when you have though far enough for yourself so you know you are set up for success.

For example, if you are in college or Key Stage 4, you should have a rough idea of what you would like to study as you progress onto your next phase – you do not need to know 2 or 3 phases ahead to you. Optimism should gear to what you can do, so that when your positive mindset develops, you are surprised by all that you have accomplished compared to what you thought you would have only completed.

Set realistic goals This means planning you learning ahead of time. When you begin, it may be hard but this will tell your for next time where you need to work. By setting realisation goals (supported by the satisfaction of a checklist), you can notice you will accomplish more because you aren’t trying to do the impossible, for example doing 3 days worth of work into one evening. Doing this will massively improve your workflow and your own satisfaction will rise as you are accomplishing more than just sitting and looking at your list of to-be-completed work expand. Setting realistic goals is therefore so imperative!

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