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How to revise for GCSE’s: Part 3:

What are GCSE’s?

GCSE’s are general certificates of Secondary education. They are usually studied in secondary school and the course material is usually taught from years 9/10 – 11, where final official exams are sat in the summer of year 11. Students usually study 8-9 subjects, always consisting of the core subjects: maths, English language and literature and science: these make up 4-6 GCSE’s. The remaining 3 are usually the choice of the student, with subject choices ranging from arts to modern foreign languages.

  1. Folders! Organise!

Are you finding you have too many spare documents and papers lying everywhere by the end of the week? Are some important but you don't know where to put them? This is where organizing your files come in. You should by x amount of folders, where x represents the number of subjects you are doing. Then, but some dividers and file them according to the topics you will cover in the year. Now, looking at your notes, match these against the specification and see where each file should go. Once you have repeated this process for each file, you will notice your notes get neatly stored in such a manner so they are out of the way whilst also being there ready if you ever need to refer back them, for example, in exam season!

2. Past Papers and Specification!

If you haven't already, print out the specification for your subject right now! The specification is key document that outlines exactly what you will be assessed on. It contains the key information to an extent that you must know, for example, in the sciences subjects. When revising, it is of utmost importance this is with you so you can refer back to it - After all, what' the point of revising something you don't actually need to know for the exam?

Past papers are also a very key element to success at your GCSE's. Past papers are readily available on the website for the exam board you are studying for and contain real-life exam questions that have been given to students who sat the exam before you. They are so important as exam boards follow the same styled questions every year and hence it is great to practice exam technique for your specific exam board. Past papers tell you where you need to aim your focus on, where you are proficient and where you are doing great in.

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