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How to find a good tutor?

It is important you find the best matched tutor for your child. There’s countless tutors out there, however are they all matched to your child? Surely you cant pick the first tutor you find and hand your children's education in their hands.

Tutors4Berkshire encourages you to look through a variety of tutors before finalizing the one.

Tutors4Berskhire recommends finding a good tutor by keeping these points in mind:

  1. Don’t look at the tutors age - a common misconception is that greater age is associated with more knowledge. However, this is always not the case. Younger tutors are able to relate to the children more and provide better support. We also believe that older tutors can relate to children and provide support too. Age is just a number.

  2. Don’t look at the tutors gender - some people often get gender specific tutors as they believe their child wont feel uncomfortable with them. At Tutors4Berskhire, we have both gender tutors ready for you for whoever your child feels more comfortable with so we give them what they are looking for. Our male and female tutors teach both boys and girls and they have always felt comfortable. Generally, gender in tutors doesn't matter, as its the tutors strengths which is imperative.

  3. Don’t look at the tutors qualification - a common misconception is that people believe tutors with a degree or masters are more better and valuable. Teaching children is a skill. Someone might be very knowledgeable but might not be able to teach or have any teaching ideology and methods. It is important that the tutors have the correct teaching skills.

  4. Don’t solely look at the cost- Affordability is essential, however there are some tutors that teach at a very discounted price compared to others. However, the quality might not be there. Knowledge and learning is a investment into a child’s future and should be given at the best standard possible.

Tutors4Berskhire has hand selected out tutors. Some great benefits we provide are:

  • Can have as many free trial sessions as you want

  • Can have as many free trials with different tutors as you want

  • Our tutors have great reviews. Press here to read them:

  • Our tutors are very affordable

  • Our tutors have great rapport support with the kids


  • Lessons can be online or at home.

  • No.1 in the area.

  • Provide lessons in area of Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead.

Tutors4Berskhire has; younger and older tutors, male and female tutors, tutors with great teaching skills and affordable rates. Tutors4Berskhire is 5 star rated and has the best tutors in areas around Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your free taster session right away and join us.

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