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Best Ways To Revise For The 11+: Maths

In this blog post, we will be sharing the best revision techniques for studying for the 11+, so you can prepare your child in the best way possible.

What is the 11+?

The 11+ is an examination that is sat by primary school students in year 6 in England and Northern Ireland which governs admission to grammar schools and other secondary schools which admit students on a selective basis. The age for entry is 11-12 years and comes in 2 exam boards – CEM and GL. Here at Tutors4Berkshire, we teach according to the CEM specification, as that is the exam administered throughout Berkshire.

Top Ways To Revise for Maths:

The 11+ maths exam aims to test your child’s numerical confidence and ability. This is assessed with a range of styles of questions such as multiple choice answer questions and long answer questions. They are usually based off what your child is taught in KS2 (years 5 and 6). For this reason, you child should possess the following skills:

  • Think carefully

  • Calculate quickly

  • Fluency in times tables and four basic operations

  • Number – be able to work with decimals, percentages, fractions and the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication)

  • Algebra – be able to work with equations and formulae

  • Shape & Space – Geometry – be able to work with volume, area, coordinates and nets

  • Data Handling – be able to work with statistics and probabilities as well as come across the idea of averages and the concept of chance

Ways To Build Up These Skills:

  • Build their mental maths – use flashcards to trigger fast recall

  • Practice times tables on a daily basis – ensures strong memorisation of commonly used facts

  • Try practice papers available from the exam board of revision book companies such as CGP/Bond Learning

  • Use fun methods such as games, Sudoku – builds a students interest in the subject

At Tutors4Berkshire, our tutors work effortlessly to ensure your child is learning and revising in the best way possible, from their years of tutoring experience and years of educational knowledge. Secure a place for your child with one of our fantastic tutors, to ensure your child gets the best 11+ preparation!

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