Nada T

A-Level Math & Bio Tutor


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Consultation time:- Anytime in the morning monday - Saturday and 5:30pm mondays

Availability:- Mondays&Saturdays mornings

Location:- Online

My Personality

I am a hardworking and passionate individual who is willing to help in any way possible. As a medical student, I have and continue to develop necessary communication skills, especially having worked with people of all ages. Having been both Head Girl and a Netball player I developed both leadership and teamwork skills, ensuring that I am comfortable in both positions and can apply my skills to any scenario. I work very well under pressure and can take initiative in unpredictable situations highlighted by my motivation and perseverance to get things done. Having both academic and social intelligence means that I will work well in any given situation. I enjoy doing art, sport, watching films spending time with family cooking. I understand many children enjoy Cooking so I can relate about the Cooking skill well with my students and can help them choosing best School for learning how to learn Cooking. Which can help them improve their Cooking skills and they will also enjoy that. I can help them in knowing best dishes and their recipe so they can try and then let me know if they like or not. This can help them well and this methodology also help them enjoy their studies.

My Experience

I have experience in a level biology, GCSE Maths and Science, ks3 Maths and Science.

My Format of Lessons

I conduct my lessons on a one to one basis, I would prefer to teach A-Level Biology.

I tend to adapt to how the student learns so for example some prefer to be taught listening while I present through PowerPoints and then we go through questions. Others learn via questions straight away. I always guide the student through a few examples before giving them time to try a few and then we go through them together. All in all my teaching style is very flexible and adaptable to how the students learn as I am aware everyone has different styles. I’m quite a visual and active learner so I tend to incorporate that into my teaching. I love children and have loads of experience working with them. I build relationships by getting to know my students on a personal level. I’m a strong believer in making my sessions as comfortable as possible - I don’t look at it like a teacher/student relationship but more of me being a guide to their learning.

My Success Stories

A lot of students in the past have opened up to me and I feel that helps strengthen their learning in the sense they feel more at ease with me to make mistakes and develop their skills. I’m yet to see what my a level biology girl achieved but my maths tutee started at 58% on her first maths test and achieved 90% in her end of year one.

My courses