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Our specialised home and online tutors can support your child with KS2. The key stage 2 years comprises between years 3 to 6 of primary school. These are otherwise called the junior years of primary schooling. Children are aged between 7 - 11 years. 

At the end of year 2 in year 6, children complete a formal SATs test which tests their learning in KS2 Maths and English.


For English, children:


  • Build on their vocabulary

  • Write longer, varied and more detailed sentences with enhanced grammar which includes adjectives, verbs and adverbs, us of tenses etc. and also correcting punctuation.

  • Improve Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar (SPaG).

  • Explore figurative language

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of text from different genres

  • Use their own ideas to expand their learning, being creative and editing their work..

For Maths, children:


  • Enhance their skills further based on their prior knowledge and learn/ develop a range of Maths concepts including fractions, decimals & percentages, conversions, time, 2D & 3D shapes, money, algebra etc.

For Science, children:

  • Learn basic biology, chemistry and physics in preparation for secondary school.

  • Perform experiments and ensure that their tests are reliable

  • Learn key scientific terms & enhance knowledge

Extra-Curricular activities:

This includes Geography, History, RE, PE, PSHE, music, a language (French, Arabic etc.)  - studying a variety of subjects to help them to become well-rounded, knowledgable individuals.


At the end of KS2enf of Year 6), children sit a SATs examination which tests their knowledge within the core subjects: Maths, English & Sci