Key stage three tutors in Windsor

Our specialised home and online tutors can support your child with KS3. The Key Stage 3 years comprises between years 7 to 9 of secondary school. Students are aged between 11-14 years and study to make early preparation of knowledge and skills for their GCSE exams, which are held at the end of year 11.

Core GCSE Subjects (most essential) are:

  • Maths

  • English

  • English Literature 

  • Science


Foundational GCSE Subjects include:

  • Geography

  • History

  • ICT 

  • PE

Subject Gradings:


The GCSE exam is graded on a 9-1 basis (9 being the highest grade) equivalent to an A*. In the GCSE years, students typically work on grades 1-5 to build subject knowledge on basic/ essential concepts for Maths, English & Science.


Core Subjects - explained:


Maths: Focused on concepts like nth term, algebra etc and developing an understanding of these concepts.


English: Grammar and punctuation concepts are revised and different forms of writing are practiced including: persuasive, story, narratives, plays etc along with comprehension activities. Students are encouraged to read a range of books from different genres and non-fiction texts to improve their understanding of writing for different contexts.  

English Literature: Basic language that is used in the Elizabethan era is learnt (like doth, hath, thou etc) and students complete comprehension activities to understand the meaning o the passage in their own words.


Science: This comprises biology, chemistry and physics. Students develop their understanding, revise meanings and terms in preparation for their exams. 


Foundational Subjects - Explained…

The foundational subjects which include Geography History, ITC, RE etc expose students to develop an interest in a  range of supplemental subjects to help them to decide on subjects they wish to continue/ pick at the end of Year 9, for their GCSEs. In addition, these extra curricular subjects provide a wholesome education for the students (e.g. physical exercise & development through PE & social and moral education through RE).