Key Stage 3

How can we help you?


Our specialised home and online tutors can support your child with KS3. The Key Stage 3 years comprises between years 7 to 9 of secondary school. Students are aged between 11-14 years and study to make early preparation of knowledge and skills for their GCSE exams, which are held at the end of year 11.

Our Client Care Manager Rasheeda is there to guide and support you in finding a tutor which matches your needs.

  1. Before the commencement of lessons, Rasheeda, our Client Care Manager carefully selects a tutor for you after discussion on your needs and subjects.

  2. One of our experienced tutors would then carry out a taster lesson with you, just to ensure you feel 100%  comfortable with his/ her teaching styles and methods, before you begin to pay for regular lessons!

  3. Once you feel we have found the tutor that matches your exact needs, weekly lessons would be carried out with your tutor. Your tutor would provide feedback and homework after every session.


Here are some tutors that can support your child


Hi, my name is Bhavkirat and I have achieved eight 9s in my GCSEs and 4 A*'s in my A- levels. I am currently studying for a BSc in Maths, Statistics and Business at the London School of Economics.
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Hi, my name is Manahill. Over the years I have gained a strong understanding of physical science due this I am now confident in teaching younger children and going through questions step by step. 
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Hi, my name is Mannat and I am an experienced and patient Maths and 11+ Tutor: I've been a Maths and 11+ Tutor, at KS1 to GCSE level, for 2 years now and have experience tutoring both in-person & online
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Core GCSE Subjects (most essential) are:

  • Maths

  • English

  • English Literature 

  • Science


Foundational GCSE Subjects include:

  • Geography

  • History

  • ICT 

  • PE

Subject Gradings:


The GCSE exam is graded on a 9-1 basis (9 being the highest grade) equivalent to an A*. In the GCSE years, students typically work on grades 1-5 to build subject knowledge on basic/ essential concepts for Maths, English & Science.


Core Subjects - explained:


Maths: Focused on concepts like nth term, algebra etc and developing an understanding of these concepts.


English: Grammar and punctuation concepts are revised and different forms of writing are practiced including: persuasive, story, narratives, plays etc along with comprehension activities. Students are encouraged to read a range of books from different genres and non-fiction texts to improve their understanding of writing for different contexts.  

English Literature: Basic language that is used in the Elizabethan era is learnt (like doth, hath, thou etc) and students complete comprehension activities to understand the meaning of the passage in their own words.


Science: This comprises biology, chemistry and physics. Students develop their understanding, revise meanings and terms in preparation for their exams. 


Foundational Subjects - Explained…

The foundational subjects which include Geography History, ITC, RE etc expose students to develop an interest in a  range of supplemental subjects to help them to decide on subjects they wish to continue/ pick at the end of Year 9, for their GCSEs. In addition, these extra curricular subjects provide a wholesome education for the students (e.g. physical exercise & development through PE & social and moral education through RE).