Key Stage 1

Children learning in kindergarden

How can we help you?


Our specialised home and online tutors can support your child with KS1. The key stage 1 years comprise of year 1 to year 2 of primary school. These are otherwise called the infant years of primary schooling. Children are aged 6-7 years.

Before the commencement of your lessons, our tutors offer you  a free trial session where you have an opportunity to decide if you want to carry on taking lessons with a particular tutor. In addition after every lesson, your child will receive homework from their tutor.

Our Client Care Manager Rasheeda is there to guide and support you in finding a tutor which matches your needs.

  1. Before the commencement of lessons, Rasheeda, our Client Care Manager carefully selects a tutor for you after discussion on your needs and subjects.

  2. One of our experienced tutors would then carry out a taster lesson with you, just to ensure you feel 100%  comfortable with his/ her teaching styles and methods, before you begin to pay for regular lessons!

  3. Once you feel we have found the tutor that matches your exact needs, weekly lessons would be carried out with your tutor. Your tutor would provide feedback and homework after every session.

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Phonics Screening Test:


At the end of year 1, a phonics screening test is held to assess the child’s knowledge of sounds that they have been practicing since Nursery. Three sets of sounds are practiced from set 1 to 3 (set 3 being the hardest). Schemes used include: Floppy Phonics, Jolly Phonics and Read-Write Inc.



At the end of year 2, children have to complete the KS1 SATs which tests the children’s competence in English and Maths.


Hi, my name is Farzana and I really enjoy teaching children and interacting with young adults. I also like teaching in a supportive friendly manner to keep students enthusiastic in their learning
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Hi, my name is Mahika I am a very passionate, easy to get along with  and approachable person. I aim to push all my students to their maximum ability and mainatain a high level of confidence before sitting the exams
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Hi, my name is Shalina and my educational philosophy is simple - to help & support my students to achieve their very best in their studies 
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Areas covered and studied in KS1



  • Basic writing skills and genres, including fiction and non-fiction text: story writing; letters; newspapers; chronological and non-chronological text and much more. 

  • In SPaG which stands for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This includes:

  1. Spelling of  CVC      (consonant, vowel, consonant) words and HFW (high-frequency words);

  2. Punctuation including capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks.

  3. Grammatical skills including verbs, adverbs, adjectives, determiners etc.

  • Reading comprehension: children learn to understand and be able to answer questions about a text.


  •  In Maths, children begin to learn number formation, counting correctly and then four mathematical operations which include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They learn throughout the key stage one about the geometrical shapes, money, data, graphs, and many more simple mathematical concepts. 

Foundational Subjects

  • Topic; they learn geography,  history, RE (religious education)

  • Science

  • PE

  • ICT