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Ms Holly Pumphrey

11+ & Degree level English Language

No. of spaces remaining:4

Consultation time:- 4pm-7pm

Availability:- 4-7

Location:-clients home, library, cafe, online

My Personality

Hi, My name is Holly Pumphrey. I am passionate about accelerating the learning of myself and the people around me. I offer a more relaxed, friendly but focused approach to learning, using our trial lesson to discuss your needs and your personal likes and dislikes so I can tailor my sessions to you. We can either follow your school curriculum or follow our own bespoke plan.

My Experience

After taking my A-Levels and achieving an A in Psychology and B’s in both English Language and Biology, I was keen to further my interest in English Language at Warwick University. I have now finished my English degree and have begun formal teacher training. I have been private tutoring for 3 years now and have a wide range of references upon request.

My Format of Lessons, Teaching Style and Engagement with Students

I conduct my lessons on a one to one basis, however if I am to conduct a group class, I would prefer to teach English GCSE or primary.

After working with children with SEN and disabilities for over 3 years, I am able to create strong bonds with students to help promote a healthy, learning-conducive environment.

My Success Stories

All of the students I have tutored either meet their agreed target grade or surpass their target grade. In English, every one of my students who I have tutored for 3+ months have achieved higher than their school predicted target.

My courses