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Nursery children are aged 3-4 years. At a  nursery level, children are exposed to learning simple sounds of the alphabet and writing numbers. At this very early stage, children are exposed to working creatively with materials, paints, colours, playing and exploring.

This creativity is blended with their learning of Maths and English e.g. making letters in the sand, a story about numbers like the very hungry caterpillar, painting numbers etc.


Teachers create learning journeys for these children by taking photographs as evidence of learning a new skill e.g. social skills in the playground or talking about something scientific, which shows that they are ‘exploring the world’ etc.


The seven criteria which are focused in the EYFS framework are:


  • Communication and language development

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Expressive arts and design

  • Physical development

  • Mathematics

  • Literacy development

  • Understanding the world


Children are also taught how to hold a pencil and practice hand strengthening exercises like squashing playdough, to strengthen their grip.


As a tutor,  some of the main skills that we teach to children at this age are:


  • Handwriting skills

  • Helping children learn sounds.

  • Learning numbers

Here are some tutors that can support your child


Hi, my name is Satwinder and I can offer help with Reading, Spellings and 11+ English and all that comes with it.
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Hi, my name is Tara and I have experience in various teaching environments, I am adept at motivating students of many ages through supportive and engaging lessons.
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Hi, my name is Zayneb and I am a passionate and enthusiastic tutor with more than 4-year experience in teaching languages to learners through interactive activities and conversations
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