Woman Tutoring Child


1) Once you have filled in your booking form, our team gets to work on contacting you to discuss your needs further and matching one of our expert tutors to your child's specific requirements.

2) Once we have matched the ideal tutor, we will call you to go through the start date for lessons.

3) Finally, we will call you to set up a direct debit to book and pay for regular  lessons. The Direct Debit takes 5 working days to process. The week the Direct Debit ensues will typically be when lessons start. There is no contract for lessons and payments are debited weekly - you may cancel anytime!

4) However, due to their being NO CONTRACT, once payments have been made there is no refund for lessons so all lessons on file which have been booked and paid for need to be completed. 

5) Missed lessons can be carried forwarded, provided a 24 hour notice is given to the tutor.