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Balwant Singh
GCSE and KS3 Maths


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Availability:- Tue (4:30pm-9:00pm) Fri (4:30pm-9:00pm)

Consultation Time:- Anytime after 9am on weekends. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s after 4pm

Location:-Online or at your house

My Personality

I am a calm yet enthusiastic tutor who will break down the mathematical concepts for you to help you increase your mastery within each Maths topic. I am friendly and approachable and will adapt my teaching speed to what is optimal for each student.

My Experience

I am an experienced, calm yet enthusiastix maths tutor with 4 years teaching experience at secondary school level and 6 years tuition experience. I have built an extensive array of skills from my teaching experience. I have experience teaching a wide breadth of students of all levels and backgrounds. I wish to use the knowledge and experience I have gathered to help students of all ages to succeed and unlock their potential.

My Format of Lessons, Teaching Style and Engagement with Students

I believe in mathematical mastery. All students are able to understand and practice with mathematical concepts once they have mastered the method and have been given enough practice time for the topic. I will work with your child to ensure that they understand the content which they are studying. From my years of experience teaching within the classroom and tutoring students outside of the classroom, I will work with your child to improve their confidence within the subject, being friendly in the process by working with them at the speed which is most optimal for their learning.

My Success Stories

 As a secondary school teacher, I have helped many students increase their grade by 2 levels (e.g 4 to a 6) and some students by 3 levels (e.g 5 to an 8) in a calendar year by giving them the hope and motivation they require to succeed within the subject of Mathematics.

My courses

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