Tutoring Service in Slough


Affordable HOME TUITION tuition for children & adults in Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead covering KS1-3, 11+, GCSE, Adult English with our team of experienced & qualified tutors.  All tutors are specialists in their fields and have come from a strong background in teaching/ training adults & children. BOOK WITH US TODAY!

Benefits of T4B

  1. Guaranteed specialist and experienced tutors

  2. Tuition takes place at the comfort of your home

  3. Lessons are carefully planned and tailored to each student’s learning ability

  4. One-to-one tuition offered to really focus on each child's needs

  5. Age/ Level appropriate books ordered for students

  6. Discounts provided for group tuition

  7. Tuition inclusive of all subjects including Reception to GCSE, 11+ and Adult Education and inclusive of SEN (special eductional needs)

  8. Homework set for students on a weekly basis

  9. Tutors will be committed to staying and training students for the whole academic year and further

  10. Additional swimming lessons offered at a discounted rate by Tutors4Berkshire, with partner company of swimsmartberks.co.uk

Our expert tutors deliver high qulity lessons to the comfort of your home in and around Slough!

Mr N Ahmad, Founder of both T4B and Swim Smart Berkshire teaching swimming at his well established swim school for adults & children


  1. Administration fees

  2. Higher prices and shorter sessions

  3. Parents buy own books with uncertainty

  4. Tutor limited to teaching only certain levels or subjects

  5. No homework set or charges for additional homework 

  6. Students have to follow the tutors/ tuition centre’s model of teaching and materials – no support with additional school homework

  7. Tutors may change or come and go

  8. Limited or no support or training for tutors to deal wtih SEN