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Zaineb T

Primary English Lan, Primary English Lit. KS3 KS4 Italian, A level Arabic, KS3 KS4 German.


**My personality

I am a multilingual speaker, fluent in foreign languages as I have learned them since I was young and as I have lived abroad in Italy, France, Germany, and Morocco. I have also strong cultural baggage that I am very happy to share with the learners. I am an Italian native speaker, fluent both in French and Arabic and I have a deep understanding of the languages that I teach.I have learned foreign languages since I was a child, therefore I am aware of the difficulties learners face with languages. I have been in the same situation as students, therefore you can trust me and trust my methodology.
With me, you will not only improve your proficiency in foreign languages, but you will also learn about those countries, you will gain cultural knowledge.
I am a passionate and enthusiastic individual that will bring enthusiasm to the lesson.
**My experience

BA and MA degrees, more than 5 years experience in tutoring and teaching. And i currently work as a cover/French teacher at a secondary school
**My teaching style and engagement with students

Focus on students weaknesses, mix between practical exercises and explanation. I just listen to them, ask the right questions and try to understand their point of view. And give them space to express their opinions and ideas
**My success stories

One of my students was not feeling confident in speaking English although he knew vocabulary and how to make sentences, but after one month lessons he is feeling more confident when he has to speak and he also has a better understanding of the grammar and the rules.
Another student was also uncomfortable speaking French but thanks to my lessons, she can make sentences and she understands the vocabulary.

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