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Shahnawaz A

A-Level Math Tutor


**My personality

This coupled with being easily approachable and understanding is how I can create a good strong lasting student teacher relationship. My best subject is Maths and enjoy teaching maths the most, but I can also teach GCSE Physics. My hobbies are Breaking down problems, finding easy solutions, building projects, photography and videography. I have many hobbies. I studied Engineering so enjoy breaking down problems, finding easy solutions, building projects. I am a Project Manager by profession and enjoy delivering projects. I support Early Careers in the company I work at, which may also be a positive for students looking to get into Engineering. I also do a lot of creative work and am a content creator, I enjoy photography and videography, I am heavily invested and involved in technology around content creation. I am an avid gym goer and enjoy conversing about gym plans and routines.

**My experience

I have been teaching A-Level Mathematics since 2015 to students and have been teaching GCSE Mathematics since 2018 to students.
I have a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and have been teaching since I graduated in 2015.From my experience I recommend getting in touch well before the academic year starts to ensure you can achieve the best results.

**My teaching style, format of lessons & engagement with students

I conduct my lessons on a one to one basis, however if I am to conduct a group class, I would prefer to teach A-level and GCSE Maths.

My teaching style is highly dependent on the student. However, my preferred method is to go through slides and have students interact through a 2 way whiteboard to confirm understanding of material .Any new method is easily digested by the brain if it stems from something you can relate to. With that in mind, I have found that my passion for maths and ability to apply methods/techniques to everyday situations is what engages my GCSE and A-level students.

Through a simple approach of baseline, review methods and test paper practice my students have been able to reach grades above and beyond their expectations .Baselining is the process of categorising the current level of the student. Identifying any gaps in understanding, initially through a test paper. This step can then define where we begin and work together to get a desired grade.
Review methods is where I create a tailor made plan for the student through to the Exam date to track through progress and highlight any areas which need work. Adapting the plan to the students capabilities is also a benefit to this approach.
It is important to be well prepared for the Exam, hence why the last section of the plan is Test Papers. Students go through test papers and come to lesson with the working out to analyse where we can improve.

**My success stories

My most recent A-Level student wanted to go from C to B. It was a requirement for university. These ambitions were quickly realised. Final grade this student was averaging an A to A* in our test paper sessions. At the time of writing this statement A-Level grades have not been released. However, I am confident this student will achieve the required grade and attend university; just a matter of getting the A* now! My most recent GCSE student was struggling in maths. I later found after a couple of sessions that this student was struggling due to a mixture of language barrier and poor foundation. I am currently working on the foundation and a technique to highlight key words in questions to help with the language barrier. I am confident if we work through the summer to the plan created we will be able to achieve an outcome that is beyond what thought possible.

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