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Oreolorun O

11+, A-Level Bio & Chem Tutor


**My personality

Hello I'm Ore! Learning is fun for me, and I work hard to ensure my students enjoy learning also. I love seeing my students progress and reach their personal academic goals.I enjoy Reading and sewing. I understand many children enjoy reading so I can relate about the books well with my students and can help them choosing best book which can help them improve their knowledge and they will also enjoy that.

**My experience

I’m a medical student at university. A passion of mine has always been teaching, hence why for the past few years I have worked as a tutor both online and in person to students aged 6-18. I have over four years worth of tutoring experience; at a tuition centre in London, private tutoring an an online tutoring platofrm.

**My format of lessons, teaching style and engagement with students

I conduct my lessons on a one to one basis, however if I am to conduct a group class, I would prefer to teach GCSEs in a group of 2 students.

My approach to tutoring is to tailor the lessons to each individual student I am teaching. I make and use resources that would best suit the student, as I know that everyone learns differently.

I use powerpoints, hand drawn diagrams, videos and flashcards. At the end of each session I always go through some exam questions to test my students understanding of what we learnt in the session and highlight areas that may need to be focused on more.
Building a good relationship with my students is important to me, I try my best to make sure my students feel like no academic question is too silly to ask. I encourage my students instead of chiding them when they stuggle with certain topics.

**My success stories

I'm glad to say that my students have progressed well over the duration that I've taught them, with the most recent making excellent progress in chemistry. She sat her GCSE chemistry exam and was happy with how it went, a stark contrast to how she felt about chemistry when I first started teaching her.

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