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Ms Saira Bhatti

GCSE tutor English and Maths


**My personality

I am a bubbly and friendly tutor, with a keen interest to work and engage with children.
**My experience

I have recently graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience and am now pursuing a MSc in the field of Dementia Neuroscience. I have been tutoring for 5 years and have thus built an extensive array of skills within teaching. Working at a range of tutoring companies has allowed me to deal with a variety of different students, of all levels and backgrounds. I am a competitive and academically inclined individual, having achieved A*'s in all my GCSEs, I wish to use the knowledge and experience I have gathered to help students of all ages to succeed and unlock their full potential!

**My teaching style and engagement with students

I tailor lessons depending on a student's needs and preferred learning method. I can relate well with your child as children love games and I always end my lessons with fun quizzes or competitions on who can get the right answer first! In this way, I can begin to build a relationship with your child and thus become a trusted mentor. I use a range of learning resources from handouts to presentations and quizzes. I focus particularly on exam technique with secondary level students in order to make the transition into exam period smoother. Further, I have completed the new GCSE specifications and so am up to date with the curriculum. I am a highly adaptable individual with a keen interest to pass down my academic knowledge

**My success stories

One student I’ve been tutoring used to struggle in understanding the complex processes outlined within GCSE science, primarily Biology. I found that using (and including) references and metaphors relating to the basics of science and everyday life, coupled with tailored quizzes and reiteration, she managed to achieve an 8 in her next science tests and has continued to do so these last few months. Thus, I focus on the understanding of basics and relate this to some of the more complex components incorporated within the GCSE syllabus to allow a smoother exam period for the student.


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