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Manahill R

11+, A-Level Math, Chem & Phys


**My personality

Helpful and enthusiastic of science and maths. Making sure the student develops a passion for the subject and as a result does well in their exams.I enjoy Working out, reading and video games. I understand many children enjoy reading so I can relate about the books well with my students and can help them choosing best book which can help them improve their knowledge and they will also enjoy that.

**My experience

I am a second year undergraduate student at University College London (UCL) currently studying Chemistry. I have also prior to this completed just over a year of an astrophysics degree (also at UCL). As a result I have a strong background in Physics, chemistry and mathematics demonstrated by me receiving a first in my first year of Chemistry and by my mathematics module marks of 87% and 90%. Over the years I have developed a strong understanding of the physical science and am confident in teaching difficult topics to younger students as well as going through questions step by step.

**My format of lessons, teaching style and engagement with students

I conduct my lessons on a one to one basis, however if I am to conduct a group class, I would prefer to teach gcse maths, chem and physics. Also AS- level maths, physics and chem.

I currently teach online as this has proved very helpful for student's understanding through the use of an online whiteboard. I have been teaching online for a little while now and find online teaching to be very effective. Content is taught online via a whiteboard and supplemented with questions and past papers. Students and parents have confirmed online teaching this way to have been of great help to the student, It is completely up to the student whether they wish to have their camera on.

**My success stories

Helping friends with studies etc. Worked in clarks for a few years working/interacting with young people and children. Tutored a girl in a level chemistry, the dad was so pleased with progress that he wanted me to also now teach his son in his science and maths gcses

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