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Mahika Gupta

GCSE Math, Phys, Chem & Bio Tutor


**My personality

Warm, friendly, approachable, driven.I enjoy Reading, Painting. I understand many children enjoy reading so I can relate about the books well with my students and can help them choosing best book which can help them improve their knowledge and they will also enjoy that.

**My experience

I am a BSc Economics student with a passion for the subject and analysis. I mainly focus on Maths and Economics but have also taught English when a student requires. I am currently on my placement year, leaving my slots only in the evening currently. Currently studying BSc Economics at Uni of Bath, tutoring for 4+ years.

**My format of lessons, teaching style and engagement with students

I conduct my lessons on a one to one basis, however if I am to conduct a group class, I would prefer to teach Economics in a group of 2 students.

Example driven, with questions mainly answered. I cover theoretical concepts but keep quizzing students throughout the session to ensure that they have understood the concept. With Economics, I heavily focus on exam techniques alongside the application of theory to real-world examples. Make sure that they don't see tuition as a chore and more as something that they enjoy. Make sure I keep it as a conversation, and give advice so that they enjoy the sessions allowing them to enjoy the subject.

**My success stories

I have had students that did not like their subject at all (Economics), but by linking theoretical concepts to real-world examples and showing them how (Economics) is all around him, he has gone from a D predicted to a high B predicted. All of my A-level students have been predicted A/A* and have achieved A/A* also.

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