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Liyya Shahid

11+, A-Level Bio & Chem home tutor in Slough


**My personality

A detail-orientated individual with experience and confidence in tutoring students up to A-Level
level. Determined to help individuals reach their potential through the use of various strategies
within my teaching as well as being an active listener. Excellent educator as well as team player,
whether that be in an educational, or informal setting.I enjoy Reading, art, practical work and exercise. I understand many children enjoy remaining fit so I can advice them about the exercise well with my students and can help them choosing best exercise which can help them improve their Body and they will also enjoy that and this can relax their mind as well to a great extent.

**My experience

Possession of excellent interpersonal and communication skills, allowing me to work with
individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Epathic skills which allow me to break down the tasks
according to the students needs in order for them to understand it as best they can. Strong
knowledge of biological, chemical and psychological work as I have undertaken this at
A-Level. I am currently studying BSc Biomedical Sciences at a Russel group university.

**My format of lessons, teaching style and engagement with students

I conduct my lessons on a one to one basis ,however for 1 to 1 lessons I would prefer to teach A Level and teach Bio and Chem.

Interactive, during trial lesson will carry out teaching using 4 different teaching styles and analyse which works best for student and continue w that for future lessons. growing up with siblings as well as teaching many younger children i have noticed the differences in the style, manner and speed at which a child learns and have been able to see the struggles they may endure when they find difficulty in learning.

**My success stories

was tutoring a child who was initially predicted Cs at start of the year, however, through my weekly set up of homework filled with exam questions and techniques on how to answer exam questions, they have been able to achieve an A in their subject

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