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Hamed M

11+, A-Level Bio, Chem, Phys & Math Tutor


**My personality

Hello everyone! My name is Hamed and I am a very approachable person with a very friendly personality I make all my students feel very warm and welcome and comfortable .I am a very friendly person I try to interact with students either with their interests such as sports or tv programs or anything else.

**My experience

I am a medical student at The University of Leicester. I have taught as a tutor at a special education school for kids with behavior problems and I have been teaching online for around 3 years now. I have 11 GCSEs at A*-A and 3 A-Levels all three at A* .

**My format of lessons, teaching style and engagement with students

I aim to teach students to understand concepts rather than learn by rote. During lessons, I hope to make tricky science and maths concepts very straightforward and easier to understand. Together we will look at exam questions and examiner reports to understand and highlight skills needed to get top grades. Also, identify areas of weakness so that we can focus more on them.
I like to adapt to the kids teaching preference so that they are comfortable with me I am a very approachable person and if a student doesn’t understand something I have several approaches which helps them to understand more. I have a very tailored approach to teaching so it’s inclusive for everyone.
The structure of my lessons depends on the subject the student has chosen; my teaching is student-centered and I strongly believe that students should be encouraged and praised as well as try to work hard on their weak areas.
Mostly I start the lesson by asking students questions to judge their understanding of the topic and then start the lesson accordingly. I divide the course into three parts , the first half is focused on finishing the course by developing a deep understanding. The second part focus on revision and the final part focuses on exam preparation. I do this by bringing in past paper questions and slowly making students understand exam techniques and how to find answers from questions itself. Overall my lessons allow students to develop their analytical skills as well as intellectual so that they can excel in their chosen field.

**My success stories

I have a myriad of success stories, for example, one of my students came to me at the start of her GCSE and I worked with her till the end of A-level and in the end, she managed to get into Oxford. Moreover, I have a number of students that I have taken from achieving grades 4-5 to get grade 8 or 9.

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