Vivienne Stott-Morrison

A level Maths and Chemistry.

I have teaching experiences dating back to 2014, when I was a Peer Tutor for A Level Biology. In 2017, I volunteered for a mental health charity, teaching at arts and crafts workshops. Then, in 2018, I completed a secondment as Psychology Assistant in a psychiatric unit. In interactive sessions, I taught small groups of patients the basics of various therapies. I have been a Private Tutor for 8 months, teaching every stage from primary school to A Level. Previous students have described me as patient, dedicated, supportive and helpful. I support students to think and learn independently. However, I keep learning structured to avoid overwhelm and I measure progress systematically. Where possible, I make learning engaging by integrating students’ interests into lessons. I have built great relationships with my students, including those with Special Educational Needs. I find that a comfortable environment improves confidence and enhances learning.