Ms. Mannat Verma

GCSE Maths, Biology & Geography Tutor

Passionate about my subjects, I feel I can help to relate to young people well and teach them in a methodological way. During my time as a GCSE student I had gone through the process of looking for a tutor many times which meant I picked up on many different teaching styles. This also helped me understand different ways people learn as not everyone is able to get their head around subjects by just reading a textbook. Being a current A level student usually makes it easier for students to talk to me as, I am in the same position they are in and can help them with any queries they might have about the leap from GCSEs to A levels, or different kinds of revision techniques they could use. I believe in getting to know your student so that you can then adapt your teaching styles to the type of learner they are and the pace best suited for them.