Mithara D

11+ CEM (Berks), 11+ GL (Bucks), A-level Math, GCSE English lit, GCSE English Lan, GCSE Biology , AS level Chemistry, GCSE Physic, GCSE Level Computer Science.

Hi my name is Mithara and I am a very motivating and helpful tutor. I have been tutoring for 5 years and I have a lot of prior experience. I have worked for 3 companies, a well known one is AE. Furthermore, I have dealt with all sorts of students from different backgrounds so I have taught a wide range of students. I have always had good grades from SATS to GCSEs to A Levels. I tailor the lessons according to the student needs. I focus on the student's weak areas and I work to help them improve on their weak areas . I allow the student to pick which topics they would like to work on to allow them some flexibility. In addition, I have very good patience and I don't mind repeating myself to explain a point. I can I also completed the new GCSE and A Levels so I am up to date with the curriculum. I also keep my previous GCSE memory refreshed so I am always able to teach the content to the best standard. Also, I often prefer to teach the content to the student and then work on exam questions to see where the gaps are in their knowledge. To enable spaced repetition learning, since that is a very efficient method, I have small quizzes 4 weeks after teaching a topic to a student to allow them to keep remembering and understanding content.

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